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The Maine Coon, whilst a true American, has spread throughout the catfancy across the world and is now the most popular catbreed, which naturally also leads to quite some problems with breeders ideas of this breed. This page is dedicated to the breed, its welfare and the preservation as a "natural breed" as it was seen by the breeders who brought it into the showhalls in the middle of the 20.century. 

On this site   - which of course is constantly evolving - we will give you all the available information on the breed, its history and its standards - and everything you ever wanted or needed to know. With a click on the three lines at the upper left you get access to everything from history to standards.
Our goal is to bring together all qualified information which breeders and fanciers of our wonderful breed may need.

Join us on the following pages and discover the Maine Coon, as it was, is now and should be also in future.

BUT: this is not a site where you find or can sell kittens. For this you have to look at the various breeders pages.
If you consider to buy a kitten -  be it as fancier, as a beginning or as an experienced breeder -  here are some important remarks sometimes easily forgotten:

1. In the Maine Coon's look all is about harmony, not extreme. Even if extreme seems more modern.

A serious breeder has pedigrees from one of the major international associations für his kittens.

. Health is important. A serious breeder tests for a row of genetically possible illnesses, undertakes regular 
heart-scans of his breeding cats, is correct with vaccines and knowlegdeable about his animals health.

. Inbreeding is one of the major problems in cat-breeding. Be careful to find pedigrees as diverse as possible.
    for this you have to look further than just the 4 or 5 generations of  an official issued pedigree.

5. Do not just buy from a picture. if possible visit the breeder before you buy and let him bring the kitten to your
    home. Buying a kitten, a living being, is a thing of trust and it is quite difficult to check credibilities via internet.

6. Raising kittens is not cheap. So beware of low prices- but also don't buy excessively expensive ones. Often 
    these kittens are sold as "special" without being so.

Your own contribution to this site, be it as a breeder or a fancier, would of course be helpful and gladly accepted: be it pictures or text.