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Pawped's Historic Archive on the Maine Coon

on the "Pawpeds"-website -  wellknown for the database where we can see and research and testmate pedigrees of over 16000 Maine Coons from the very first registered ones on -  you can research through a quite big section which is beholden to our breeds history, collecting articles, interviews, cattery presentations :

So we can find a section on the Maine Coon Ancestors - including the Methusalem-list of breeding cats who got over 15 year old : ,

and a section where you find a collection of all the interesting historical informations on our breed, the
Maine Coon Heritage Site 

Interesting also, and highly recommendable is the course system, that pawpeds offers to  fanciers and especially breeders of cats:

MCBFA's Historic Archive of the
"Scratch Sheet" from 1967 until 2013

Also on the MCBFA website we can find a huge archive of historical lore on our Breed, all the "Scratch Sheets", the members newsletter & Magazine from the foundation of MCBFA prior to the acknowlegdement of the breed in the various associations until its last issue in 2013 : this might be a most fascinating read, lots of information on breed, breders, catteries, health, show-wins and also some trivia you will have never imagined: 

"VARIA" - but Maine Coon related

for the geneticist I found a rather interesting site about the genetic diversity of the Maine Coon - check it out.: