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Maine Coon Literature

There are several Books about the Maine Coon– and they are of course available in many languages. So here we collect all of these for you. Some of them obviousely are already out of print, but I am sure one still can find them somewhere. And if you know about one we have not listened so far, especially neither in english nor german- please send us a message so we can include it.

The English editions:

Books about the breed

Carol Himsel D.V.M. Daly / Karen Leigh Davis Maine Coon Cats (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
Barron's Educational Series; ISBN: 0764134027

Marilis Hornidge; That Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon
Tilbury House Publishers; ISBN: 088448243X

Abigail Greene; Guide to Owning a Maine Coon Cat
TFH Publications;ISBN: 0793821665

Sharon Bass; This Is the Maine Coon Cat
TFH Publications; Library Ed edition; ISBN: 0866220968

Tracey K. Hayman; Main Coon Cat (Pet Love)
Interpet Publishing; ISBN: 1842860119

Jennifer Quasha; Maine Coon Cats (Kid's Cat Library.)
PowerKids Press; ISBN: 0823955109

Wendy Perkins; Maine Coon Cats (Pebble Books)
Pebble Books; ISBN: 1429612169

Some Fiction- with Maine Coons as the Heroes (and their breeders)

The Merry Maines: A Shaggy Cat Story
BookSurge Publishing; ISBN: 143921266X

The Moosery

BookSurge Publishing; ISBN: 143924460X

The Merry Maines Sing a Song of Sixpence
CreateSpace Publishing; ISBN: 1450555330

The Merry Maines Go Country
CreateSpace Publishing; ISBN: 1466469420
The MerryMaines and Something Wicked This Way Comes
CreateSpace Publishing; ISBN: 1479163112

And a bit about genetics:

Laura Gould, Cats are not Peas - a Calico History of Genetics
AKPeters; ISBN: 1568813202

Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians
Cima, ISBN: 0750640693


The german editions

Birgit Kieffer/Jana Weichelt, Maine Coon
Gräfe & Unzer; ISBN: 383381604X

Elke Carson/Monika Wegler , Maine Coon
Gräfe & Unzer; ISBN: 3774231451

Eva-Maria Götz/Gesine Wolf  Maine Coon & Co. Halblanghaarkatzen
Eugen Ulmer; ISBN: 3800148439

Dominik Kieselbach /Angelika Kneifel; Maine Coon, Ihr Hobby
Bede ISBN: 3898600386

Barbara Simon; Maine-Coon-Katzen. Kauf - Haltung - Pflege
Paul Parey, ISBN: 3490383125

Ursula Birr; Halblanghaarkatzen. Maine Coon und andere Rassen.
Falken ISBN: 3806819920

Ortrun Wagner; Waldkatzen
Paul Parey  ISBN: 3788809574

Henning Mueller-Rech; "Das Maine Coon Kompendium"
ein Handbuch zu Rasse, Zucht und Genetik für den Zuchtanfänger
ISBN 978-3844802153