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Pawpeds Maine Coon Database

In any case you can research a lot of Maine Coons in the "pawpeds"-Maine Coon-Database, where we can find and testmate pedigrees of over 16000 Maine Coons from the very first registered ones on. We think it is highly advisable, if you enter your pedigrees- at least the ones of your breeding cats also so that we can have the most complete informations there also. Quite a lot of catteries and breeders still are missing there, but feel free to enter your pedigrees (to be honest- we would like to urge you to). How to enter your pedigrees is told here:

Anyway- the database of our breed is the biggest worldwide. You find it here:

Have fun researching and looking at these pedigrees. And mind:  A pedigree is not only the 4 or 5 generations printed on an issued document by an association, it is much more- and much longer. it consists of all the ancestors behind as well- and it can well be that an animal which seems to be low inbred or not at all inbred in 4 or 5 generations is in truth highly inbred overall. And this is one of the main information you need to breed wisely and responsible.